The Complete Human Alchemy by Nick Kemp

The Complete Human Alchemy by Nick Kemp

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Human Alchemy is an audio  set 

This audio set is a great tool for accelerated state changes for motivation, communication and enhanced well being. It uses cutting edge Ericksonian language, story-telling via metaphor and music to take the listener into deeply relaxed and motivating states which facilitate insight and change. 

The recordings consists of three spoken word audio files over original music, two audio files of the music itself and two bonus audio of remixes 

About Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp is an international trainer, author, therapist and musician. This audio set is a complete set of Nick's Human Alchemy work. All music, production and spoken word content by Nick Kemp.


This audio set collects for the first time all the Human Alchemy CDs in one place.
The Adventures of Well Being Now.
Letters to Your Unconscious.
About Time.
Deep Trance Music.
Music for Hypnosis.

This Healing Space.
Adventures of Well Being Now Jazz mix
The Walking Float (previously unreleased)
The Introduction (previously unreleased)

“We are sent many CDs and audiotapes from therapists for review, but it is truly unusual to come across a product that is as effective and professional as this offering from Nick Kemp. As well as being a useful tool it should be of great interest to those who wish to use the more complex language techniques inherited from Milton Erickson's great work.”

- Anglo-American Books

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