PCW for Therapy, Business, Coaching and Personal Change

Provocative Change Works is being taught all around the world to medics, coaches, therapists and many interested in personal development. Below are a number of videos from people who have attended trainings, each giving their own observations on how the PCW model can be used to help others as well as a three demonstration of the model in action.. Special thanks to all those individuals who have attended trainings over the years and all those hosts who have helped spread the world of this model

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Nick Kemp

Creator of Provocative Change Works

Provocative Change Works Demonstrations

Below are PCW demos taken live trainings. These showcase the speed of this approach and how it can be used to equally great effect in business, coaching, therapy and personal development. The first three are taken from a UK training dealing with a business related issue and the forth clip is taken from a conference in San Francisco.


If you have not explored this style of working, it can seem highly unusual at first glance. That said PCW which was inspired by Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy has in my experience proved to be more effective than any other approach I have encountered to date. I suspect this is one of the many reasons why so many therapists, coaches and business individuals are requesting these trainings around the globe. The PCW practitioner is the best way to fully explore the PCW model for those who want a more comprehensive understanding of this way of working.



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