Online PCW Training with Nick Kemp

The PCW Development Platform for skill development

I set up the PCW Development Programme for those people wanting to learn about the PCW model in depth and/or maintain continuity. Many coaches and therapists who invest in this platform have found it invaluable in their own private practices.

PCW 1:1 Development will allow you to:

  • Be better skilled with clients
  • Work in a more precise way
  • Work in a more time-effective manner
With PCW 1:1 Development you have the opportunity to be a student as well as studying the provocative process. 

We will agree a 1 hour, 1:1 Skype session time for this to take place. I suggest you record the session at your end to be able to review in between sessions. 

Specifically, PCW 1:1 Development includes:
  • How to adopt and utilize provocative stances for conversational change
  • The Frank Farrelly frame of “as if talking to an old friend”
  • The use of sensory rich language to engage and stimulate client change
  • Creating a feedback loop in client sessions
  • How to use a set of client notes in coaching and therapy
  • Developing an insight into how to work with problematic client issues
  • Exploring metaphors to resolve client problems
  • How to set up and run a private practice
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